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Objective: The present study examined the mental health status of the adolescents in Shahid Dastgheyb and Namaziorphanages. This study is an applied type of survey.
Method: Statistical population is the total number adolescents who are inhabitants of two orphanages of  Shahid Dastghib and Namazi in city of Shiraz in the year 1389. The sample size is equal to the statistical population. To collect data the 28-GHQ Goldberg Questionnaire was applied. And the statistical methods used in this study are: mean ,Spearman correlation coefficient, binomial test and Mann – Whitney test.
Results: The results show that:
1) Mental health of inhabitants of orphanages is fairly sound.
2) There are not any significant differences between boys and girls in components such as: physical symptoms, social function impairment, severe depression, and only the components of anxiety and sleep disturbance were significant. The results show anxiety and sleep disorder is more common in girls.
3) There is no difference among high school and guidance students in mental health status.
4) There is a slight negative correlation and significance between the indicator of mental health and age, which has a significance of 95% confidence level.
Conclusion and Recommendations: In contrast to expectations, the low prevalence of mental health disorder symptoms in the adolescents residing the orphanages of Dastgheyb and Namazi in Shiraz indicates, that their mental health is fairly well. Although there is a very low prevalence of mental disorder cases , prevention is needed through appropriate planning, by developing mental health and counseling centers for sounder mental health education. 


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