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Psychology of Exceptional Individuals is an open-access, double-blind, peer-reviewed journal published by Allameh Tabataba’i University, the leading university in Humanities and Social Sciences in Iran. Psychology of Exceptional Individuals has been established to provide an intellectual platform for national and international researchers working on issues related to exceptional individuals. The Journal was founded in as a response to quick advancements in research on exceptional individuals and was dedicated to the publication of highest-quality research studies that report findings on issues of great concern to the field.   

To allow for easy and worldwide access to the most updated research findings, the journal is set to be an open-access journal. Yet, the journal does not charge any fee for reviewing, processing, and publishing research papers from the authors or from the research institutes and organizations. All the mentioned processes for paper publication are sponsored by Allameh Tabataba’i University Press.  

The journal is published in both a print version .and an online version

Research Paper
The Effect of a Mindfulness-based Intervention on Quality of Life and Psychological Well-being of Mothers of Students with Intellectual Disabilities

tayebe taziki; Khoda Morad Momeni; jahangir karami; .Gholam Ali Afrooz

Volume 12, Issue 45 , June 2022


  The aim of this study was to investigate the intervention with mindfulness on the quality of life and psychological well-being of mothers of students with intellectual disabilities. The research population included all mothers of students with mental disabilities in Golestan province, 30 of them were ...  Read More

Research Paper
Developing Parenting Protocol For Parents of Children with Specific Learning Disability (Reading Impairment): Synthetic research approach

Zoleykha Abedini; rahim badri; eskader fathiazar; shahrooz nemati; shahram vahedi

Volume 12, Issue 45 , June 2022


  Specific learning disability is one of the most common childhood disorders that in some cases, continues into adulthood and affects various aspects of their future lives. The higher prevalence of learning disability with reading impairment in the country's schools and the problems caused by it requires ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Relationship between Mindfulness and Creative Self-efficacy in School Teachers with Special Needs: The Mediating Role of Psychological Resilience

roya Ebrahimi Asadabadi; Kazem Barzegar Bafroee

Volume 12, Issue 45 , June 2022


  The aim of this study was to determine the mediating role of psychological resilience in the relationship between mindfulness and creative self-efficacy of teachers in exceptional schools in Yazd in the academic year 2020-2021. The present study is a correlational study in which the relationships between ...  Read More

Research Paper
comparison of cognitive skills and social emotional skills on promoting the theory of mind in autistic children

Sadaf Darvishi; Khadijeh Abolmaali Alhosseini; Amin Rafiepoor; Fariborz Dortaj

Volume 12, Issue 45 , June 2022


  The present study was a cross-sectional and applied research comparing the effectiveness of cognitive rehabilitation and social emotional skills on the development of theory of mind in autistic children. The quasi-experimental method was pre-test and post-test with control group. From 45 students introduced ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Effectiveness of a Music-based Developmental Relation Therapy Program on Promotion of Mothers-child Relationship of Children With Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Yousof Shahi; َAliakbar Arjmandnia; GholamAli Afrooz; Farah Ghavami

Volume 12, Issue 45 , June 2022


  The aim of the present study was to investigate the effectiveness of a music-based developmental relation therapy program in the promotion of the mothers-child relationship of children with an autistic spectrum disorder. The statistical population of this study consisted of all primary school children ...  Read More

Research Paper
Efficiency of the Parents’ Behavioral Training Model (Barkley) on the Emotional Regulation of the Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

nasim javidipour; mareih dehghan

Volume 12, Issue 45 , June 2022


  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder leads to mental, behavioral, and emotional damage to the infected children. Therefore, the present study was conducted with the aim of investigating the efficacy of parents’ behavioral training model (Barkley) on the emotional regulation of children with ...  Read More

Research Paper
Effectiveness of Visual and Auditory Perception Program on Fluency and Reading Perception in Students with Dyslexia Disorder

Elham Afruzeh; kourosh Amraei; Saeed Hasanzadeh; Mohammadparsa Azizi

Volume 12, Issue 45 , June 2022


  Due to the fact that dyslexic children have more difficulty in reading and comprehension than children who are average or above-average readers, so the purpose of this study is the Effectiveness of Visual and Auditory Perception Program on Fluency and Reading Perception in Students with Dyslexia disorder. ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Effectiveness of Play Therapy Based on Parent-Child Relationship with a Filial Approach on Emotional Self-Regulation of Primary School Children with Sluggish Cognitive Tempo

shiva akhavan; ahmad abedi; sheida jabal ameli

Volume 12, Issue 45 , June 2022


  The present study was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of play therapy based on the parent-child relationship on emotional self-regulation of primary school children with sluggish cognitive tempo. The present study was quasi-experimental with a pretest, posttest, control group, and two-month ...  Read More

The Effectiveness of Stress Reduction Program Training Based on Mindfulness on the Stress Levels of Mothers with Intellectually Disabled Children

nastaran seiedesmseeli ghomi; farangis kazemi; shahla pezeshk

Volume 5, Issue 17 , March 2015, , Pages 133-148


  Thepurpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of stress reductionprogram training based onmindfulness on stress levels of mothers withintellectually disabled children. Research method was quasi-experimental designwith pretest-posttest and control group. The statistical population of thisstudy ...  Read More

A Comparison of Signs of Anxiety and Depression in Draw a Person Test in Educable Mentally Retarded and Normal Students

Nastaran Seyed Esmaili Qomi; Ali Sheykholeslami

Volume 3, Issue 10 , March 2013, , Pages 113-128

  The purpose of this study is to comparesigns of anxiety and depression in draw a person test in mentally retarded andnormal students. In this descriptive research, the statistical population consistsof all 11 year-old educable mentally retarded and normal students of Shahriyarcity in the academic ...  Read More

The Effectiveness of Educational Computer Games on the Academic Motivation in Third Grade Elementary School Students with Math Learning Disability

rahim moradi; hasan maleki

Volume 5, Issue 18 , July 2015, , Pages 27-44


  The present study was an attempt to investigate the effectiveness ofeducationalcomputer games on the academic motivation in third grade elementaryschool students with math learning disability. Method: For this purpose,by implementing a quasi-experimental research, 40 students among all thirdgrade elementary ...  Read More

Effectiveness of attribution style’s change on depression rate decrease of adolescent blind girls

akram hodapoor; parviz sharifidaramadi; farangis kazemi

Volume 5, Issue 19 , October 2015, , Pages 78-90


  The purpose of present study was to investigate the effectiveness attribution style’s change on depression rate decrease, of adolescent blind girls. This study was carried out on experimental basis in pre-test, post-test design with control group. For this purpose, using the available sampling ...  Read More

The Effectiveness of VisualArts Training onEnhancing Creativity in ElementarySchoolChildren Using the Educational Package of "ArtTraining, Advocator of Innovator Child"

zohre darvishi; shahriar shahidi; mahmood heidari; shahla pakdaman

Volume 5, Issue 17 , March 2015, , Pages 87-111


  This research was conducted to investigate theeffectiveness of visual arts training using "ArtsEducation, Advocator ofInnovator Child". The researcher made an educational package forcreativity in elementary school children.80 students(40 girls and 40 boys) wereselected among the fourth grade students ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Comparison of the effectiveness of executive functions training based on computer games and sensory integration on students’ dyslexia symptoms

Maryam Vismeh; Mahnaz Estaki; Navid Mirzakhani Araghi

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 19 January 2022


  Dyslexia is the most common type of learning disorder, accounting for about 80% of learning disabilities. This research has been studied the effectiveness of enhancing executive functions based on computer games compared to intensifying sensory integration. The study managed in an experimental design ...  Read More

Research Paper
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Family-Centered Treatments on the Behavioral Consequences of Iranian Children and Adolescents: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

.Gholam Ali Afrooz; simin hosseinian; mohammad Gholami Fesharaki

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 08 March 2022


  The family is known as the core of child and adolescent care and It plays an important role in the treatment of behavioral problems in children and adolescents. The aim of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of FCI on the behavioral consequences of Iranian children and adolescents. This study ...  Read More

Research Paper
Designing and validating of instructional model based on cooperative learning in computer game environment for high- functioning autism students

Matin Ghasemi Sameni; Esmaeil Zaraii Zavaraki; .Parviz Sharifi Daramadi; Ali Delavar

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 01 May 2022


  The purpose of this study is to design and validate an educational model in a computer game environment for high-performance autistic students. the sequential exploratory mixed method was used. In this way, to investigate the current situation and identify the elements and components of the proposed ...  Read More

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